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-Germany’s industrial output drops sharply in AprilThermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

Fresh data from Germany indicated on Friday that the country’s industrial production fell 1.9% month on month in April, a significantly larger decline than analysts had projected.

side from a modest 0.2% uptick in the construction sector’s growth, government statistics agency Destatis noted declines across all other industrial categories during the month, following a 0.5% month on month uptick in March.

Production of capital goods dropped 3.3% in April, while consumer and intermediate goods output also fell. Excluding energy and construction the overall slump deepened to 2.5%.

The bearish numbers represent “quite a setback” for Germany’s second-quarter economic growth hopes, according to think tank Oxford Economics, after a turbulent half-year for the country amid “horror-show” manufacturing sector performance.

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

-Coca-Cola, partners set aside P1B for recycling facility in PHL

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. on Friday announced its plans to invest P1 billion in a food-grade recycling facility in the Philippines in a bid to boost recycling in the country.

In a statement, Coca-Cola said the P1-billion investment represents the company’s first major investment in a recycling facility in South East Asia and is part of the company’s commitment to a “World Without Waste.”

The soft drinks bottler said it has engaged in discussions with potential partners, including a reputable local company and an internationally-recognized green technology partner in recycling to ensure that the positive impact of the facility will be total and far-reaching. Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

-Xetma to display latest textile machinery at ITMA 2019

Xetma Vollenweider will be exhibiting at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, from June 20-26, 2019, in hall 2, stand C306+C307. ITMA is the leading international trade fair for textile machines and textile technologies. Xetma Vollenweider, from Germany, develops machine systems for the mechanical and resource-friendly textile and carpet surface finishing.

Under the banner of ‘Feel The Touch’, Xetma Vollenweider will be presenting their latest machine systems for the finishing of all types of textile surfaces at ITMA, the company said in a press release. Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

-China and India Will Watch the West Destroy Itself

China and India will allow the West — led by the United States and the European Union — to destroy themselves through dysfunctional domestic and continent-wide politics.  This isn’t a Donald Trump or E.U. issue, but electorates having a vague understanding of how societies function, particularly when it comes to energy.

The “Green New Deal” is evident of that fact.  The plan has no chance of ever working under current technology and the taxpayer monies available — not to mention that the first “New Deal” was a failure.

China India Industry

-North American PP resin prices move up in May

After a flat month in April, North American polypropylene resin prices increased an average of 4 cents per pound in May.

The increase followed a similar rise for polymer-grade propylene monomer, which is used to make PP resin.

Prior to being flat in April, PP prices had dipped 3 cents in March. The March decline was the fifth consecutive monthly price drop for North American PP, with those declines totaling 24.5 cents.

In 2020, North American PP supplies will be impacted by the addition of almost 1 billion pounds of capacity by Braskem in LaPorte, Texas, and of 550 million pounds of capacity by Formosa Plastics Corp. USA in Point Comfort, Texas.

North American PP resin

-US Tronox confident on Cristal, despite Q1 accounting issue

US titanium dioxide (TiO2) major Tronox remains confident in its recently acquired Cristal TiO2 business despite a Q1 accounting issue, the CEO of the US-based producer said in an update on Thursday.

“Predominantly, what we have found with the Cristal business and the assets is what we expected, or better,” said CEO Jeffry Quinn in a webcast analysts’ call.

The acquired TiO2 assets were “high-calibre”, and “we are very confident of what we can do by adding these assets to our existing asset base”, he said

What surprised Tronox after completing the acquisition in April was that Cristal’s reported Q1 adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and tax (EBITDA) of $63m were higher than anticipated, and inconsistent with run rates of $19m in January and $13m in February. Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

US Tronox confident on Cristal

-FlexFilms’ Asclepius – Certified 90% PCR content BOPET films

In the past several years, FlexFilms has invested strongly in the research and development set up at its Kentucky plant in the Southern United States. We reported on some of the new films being developed by FlexFilms in our review of PackExpo in Chicago, where we met up with the young president of FlexFilms, Anantshree Chaturvedi. Recently, FlexFilms has come up with Asclepius – a new series of films based on 90% post-consumer recycled polyester. These films, which are under patent application, have been certified by Kingfisher. Details of the FlexFilms Asclepius series are given below. Meanwhile, we report on Naresh Khanna’s telephonic interview in which he resumed the conversation with Chaturvedi.

Naresh Khanna, editor of Packaging South Asia (hereafter NK) – Anantshree, when we met at PackExpo and talked about ‘green’ films, you said that the market was not ready for them in some respects and even the brand owners seemed reluctant to change over to new materials. Has the situation changed now?


-ALPLA Caribe and Fortiflex form strategic alliance

ALPLA Caribe and Fortiflex Inc. signed a strategic alliance in 2018, thereby creating a contractual basis for an interim solution. The aim is to establish themselves as the preferred packaging producer in the Caribbean and in Central America.

ALPLA and Fortiflex first collaborated in 2017 in the wake of Hurricane Maria. ALPLA was able to get the power supply at its production plant in Guayama, Puerto Rico, back up and running quickly after the damage caused by the storm – unlike Fortiflex.

Richard Lisch, Regional Manager with ALPLA Caribe, said: „We were originally only meant to handle some of Fortiflex’s production temporarily, but a partnership that worked well developed between us, and we then made it official with our strategic alliance.“

ALPLA Caribe and Fortiflex

-Serac unveils BluStream cap sterilisation technology

A solution to the challenge of using chemicals in the sterilisation of caps has been developed by Serac. The packaging and filling equipment manufacturer’s BluStream technology offers sterilisation without the use of chemicals and high temperatures, which can often distort caps.

BluStream works via a low-energy e-beam treatment that can be administered at room temperature. The technology is capable of ensuring a six log bacteriological reduction in one second without any chemicals – making it efficient enough for aseptic packaging. The solution is intended for use on bottling lines of non-refrigerated and ESL 90 day beverages. Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

BluStream cap sterilisation technology

-Hyosung Launches creora ActiFit Spandex At 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

New High-Performance Fiber Engineered For Outdoor Endurance Sports Apparel

Seoul, Korea – Propelled by the craving for challenge and a healthier lifestyle, the popularity of outdoor endurance sports is on the rise. To help construct the best multi-sport apparel for endurance sports enthusiasts, Hyosung, the world’s largest spandex manufacturer, has developed new high-performance creora® ActiFit spandex, which the company will launch at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, June 18-20, 2019.

creora® ActiFit spandex provides the long-lasting durability, UV and chlorine resistance, and superior recovery required of cycling, swimming, triathlon and adventure racing apparel where athletes can encounter numerous environmental surroundings – whether it be salt water, intense sun or a rocky crag.

Hyosung Launches creora ActiFit Spandex

-The US has been isolated by Russia and China, says Russian President Putin at SPIEF

“The US is isolated by Russia and China.” That was the line that Russian President Vladimir Putin was taking as he met with China’s President Xi Jinping, who is the guest of honour at this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) that kicked off on June 6.

China and Russia have been moving ever closer together as China’s relations with the US deteriorate, rapidly pushing the two erstwhile allies into the same corner. At the end of May Beijing accused the US of “naked economic terrorism” as US President Donald Trump winds up his trade war with China adding another $200bn of tariffs to Chinese goods. Moscow has been using the same phrase as the US imposes ever more painful sanctions on Russian business and businesspeople in the last year.

China and Russia Presidents

-Meccanoplastica incorporates hot fill across MiPET range

Meccanoplastica Ibérica has added the hot filling system to its commercial portfolio as an available option for its entire MiPET range of PET preform blowers.

The stretch-blow moulding technology division of the Meccanoplastica Group wants to offer efficient solutions to cover a wide range of production needs that would be economically unviable through many of the existing solutions in the market, which are only profitable for very high production.

Until now this option was only available in some models. However, the versatility and adaptability to the unique needs of each project and each client has always been one of the MiPET machinery characteristics. For this reason, the company considers that offering a hot filling system within the MiPet efficiency and quality parameters can help to increase the business lines of its customers and potential customers.


-Devine Chemicals expands portfolio by launching first range of pigments

Devine Chemicals, a UK-based speciality chemicals distributor and manufacturer, has launched its first range of pigments.

The pigments are available in blue and green (symbol image). Image source: skeeze / Pixabay.

The pigments are available in blue and green (symbol image). Image source: skeeze / Pixabay.  Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

This is supposed to further strengthen the company’s diverse portfolio and help to cement its position as a leader in the speciality chemicals market.

The pigments are a range of phthalocyanines available in blue and green and are appropriate for both water-based and solvent-based applications. Tailormade for the coatings, inks and plastics markets, the pigments have been optimised to give UV stability, solvent fastness, light fastness and chemical resistance.

Devine Chemicals expands portfolio by launching first range of pigments

-Genomatica acquires selected assets of Renewable Energy Group to develop a wider range of renewable chemica

San Diego-based Genomatica, a technology leader for bio-based chemicals, has acquired certain assets of the REG Life Sciences division (REG LS) of Renewable Energy Group, Inc., the largest supplier of advanced biofuels in North America. Genomatica intends to use these assets to develop a wider range of sustainable chemicals which in turn are used to make numerous everyday materials and products.

The asset acquisition provides Genomatica with its third major product platform, allowing it to expand into household and industrial cleaning products, and flavors and fragrances, further growing its ingredients for the apparel, packaging and personal care markets.

Genomatica acquires selected assets of Renewable Energy Group

Avantium Technology & Markets Day:

“Entering the Commercialization Phase for PEF”

AMSTERDAM, 6 June 2019, 14:00 CET – Today Avantium hosts a Technology & Markets Day at its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company will update the market on Avantium’s strategy and technologies, in particular that of the Synvina business unit and the commercialization of PEF, a 100% renewable and fully recyclable polymer.Thermoplastics Petrochemicals Nonwoven

-Avantium Strategy, Activities and Technologies

Avantium develops novel technologies based on renewable carbon sources as an alternative to fossil-based chemicals and plastics. Next to developing and commercializing renewable chemistry technologies, the company also provides advanced catalysis R&D services and systems to customers in the refinery and chemical industries. The company currently has three technologies at pilot and demonstration phase.

The most advanced technology is the YXY® plant-to-plastics–process that catalytically converts plant-based sugars into a wide range of chemicals and plastics, such as PEF (polyethylene furanoate). Avantium has successfully demonstrated the YXY Technology at its pilot plant in Geleen, the Netherlands. The second technology is the Dawn Technology™ that converts non-food biomass into industrial sugars and lignin in order to transition the chemicals and materials industries to non-fossil resources. In 2018, Avantium opened the DAWN pilot plant in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The third technology is called Mekong and catalytically converts industrial sugars to plant-based MEG (mono-ethylene glycol). Avantium is currently building a new demonstration plant for Mekong with an opening planned in Delfzijl by the end of the year.

Avantium Strategy, Activities and Technologies

Full press release in PDF

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