Automotive-sustainability – Russia-GDP-2022 13-04-2022

Automotive-sustainability – Russia-GDP-2022

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-Automotive sustainability: LANXESS at JEC World 2022

LANXESS is bringing its electromobility and sustainability experts to JEC World 2022, where the Cologne-based specialty chemicals company will be presenting a fully bio-based composite material based on flax and polylactic acid.

A biocomposite that harnesses recycled Tepex, the material is the first representative of the Tepex Scopeblue product series. The company hopes to showcase its strategy of phasing out fossil raw materials and establishing material cycles from its production processes.

Dr Dirk Bonefeld, Head of Global Product Management and Marketing for Tepex at LANXESS, said: “Using new series applications as an example, we want to underscore what opportunities our continuous fibre-reinforced Tepex composites open up in the construction of highly stressable but lightweight structural components for electric vehicles. Thanks to its thermoplastic matrix, it is highly suited to reuse as quality-assured recycled compounds for injection moulding.”

LANXESS will be showcasing a front-end support and a battery tray as series applications of Tepex in electromobility at the Paris event. The hybrid-moulded, PP-based Tepex dynalite 104-RG600 front-end support is being installed in a new luxury sedan from a US manufacturer of electric vehicles. The injection moulding stage of process integrates numerous functions in the component and thereby reduces the subsequent effort involved in assembly. Automotive-sustainability – Russia-GDP-2022

The battery tray belongs to a fully electric luxury vehicle from a car manufacturer based in southern Germany. The component is based on PA 6 (also produced via hybrid moulding) using Tepex dynalite 102-RG600 and the highly reinforced compound Durethan BKV60H2.0EF.

Bonefeld added: “Tepex was the material of choice because it is inherently flame-retardant, unlocks potential for lightweight design and provides opportunities for functional integration. In addition, the insert made from Tepex does not need to be protected from corrosion unlike an equivalent made from sheet steel.”

Automotive-sustainability - Russia-GDP-2022

-The World Bank predicts a drop in Russia’s GDP in 2022 by 11.2%

Russia’s gross domestic product (GDP) will fall by 11.2% in 2022, Interfax reported, citing a World Bank (WB) forecast. Automotive-sustainability – Russia-GDP-2022

In 2023-2024, the Russian economy will compensate for only a small part of this failure, adding 0.6% and 1.3%, respectively, according to the World Bank report on the prospects for the economies of Europe and Central Asia in the light of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its consequences.

According to the forecast of the World Bank, investments in 2022 will drop by 16.9%. Exports of goods and services will decrease by 30.9%, imports – by 35.2%.

The World Bank’s assessment is more pessimistic than the forecasts of Russian analysts: the consensus for 2022, according to an Interfax poll, provides for a drop in GDP by 8.4%. Automotive-sustainability – Russia-GDP-2022

The World Bank predicts a drop in Russia's GDP in 2022 by 11.2%

Automotive-sustainability: LANXESS at JEC-World-2022

-The World-Bank predicts a drop in Russia’s-GDP in 2022 by 11.2%

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Automotive-sustainability – Russia-GDP-2022

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