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Olefin production ZhongAnUnited CoalChemical

Zhong An United Coal Chemical launches olefin production unit in China 

Olefin production ZhongAnUnited CoalChemical

MOSCOW – On July 27, Chinese Zhong An United Coal Chemical Co. put into operation a plant for the production of olefins from coal in the city of Huanyang (Huainan, Anhui Province, China), a company source told ICIS .

According to the source, the capacity of this plant is 300 thousand tons of ethylene and 300 thousand tons of propylene.

Ethylene and propylene are the main raw materials for the production of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), respectively.

According to Scan Report Company Market Report, the estimated consumption of PE in Russia amounted to 889.54 thousand tons in the first five months of the current year, which is 6% more than a year earlier.  Olefin production ZhongAnUnited CoalChemical

Deliveries of all types of polyethylene increased.  The estimated consumption of PP in the Russian market in January-May 2019 was 585.33 thousand tons, which is 14% more than in 2018.  Supplies of propylene block copolymers (PP block) and propylene homopolymers (PP homo) increased. Olefin production ZhongAnUnited CoalChemical

Zhong An United Coal Chemical Co. is a subsidiary of the Chinese company Sinopec.  The company produces coal products, bitumens and other derived products.


Author:   Anna Larionova

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