PET-Recycling – Petrochemicals – Nylon6-chip 06-06-2022

PET-Recycling – Petrochemicals – Nylon6-chips

-Nylon6-chips – PET-Resin – Petrochemicals

PET-Recycling - Petrochemicals - Nylon6-chips

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-SIBUR reorients sales from Europe to Turkey and Asia

SIBUR has reoriented its sales from Europe to Turkey and Asia, Interfax reported, citing the corporate newspaper Nizhnekamskneftekhim.

“It’s no secret that anti-Russian sanctions forced the company to rebuild almost all the work in a short time. To date, SIBUR has managed to agree with suppliers of raw materials on changing contract prices, and flexibility in sales logistics and expanding its presence in new markets has also helped, so that in general the company feels stable,” the newspaper reports.  PET-Recycling – Petrochemicals – Nylon6-chips

“Previously, SIBUR sold about 60% of products in the domestic market of Russia, 23% – to Europe, 6% – to Turkey, 7% – to China,” the newspaper recalled. “Now the volume of supplies to Europe is practically reduced to zero, the volumes were quickly redistributed to supplies for the markets of Turkey, China and other Asian countries.”

The company notes that a fairly large list of special chemicals, additives and catalysts is prohibited for import into Russia. PET-Recycling – Petrochemicals – Nylon6-chip

“Restrictions lead to a decrease in production volumes, and also narrow our brand range. At the moment, alternatives have been found, and thus the needs for 95% of the items of imported special chemicals have been closed. The search for analogues from Russia or friendly countries continues,” SIBUR said.

Earlier it was reported that SIBUR offers to replace imported analogues with the existing brand range, and also on the basis of SIBUR PolyLab develops new brands that meet the requirements of customers. At the moment, the demand for import-substituting polymer grades from processors from various industries is more than 140 thousand tons per year.  PET-Recycling – Petrochemicals – Nylon6-chips

SIBUR reorients sales from Europe to Turkey and Asia

Nylon6-chips – PET-Resin – Petrochemicals

SIBUR reorients sales from Europe to Turkey and Asia

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PET-Recycling – Petrochemicals – Nylon6-chips

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