Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA 10-07-2020

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-High-tech Thermoplastics for Vehicles of the Future


High-tech Thermoplastics for Vehicles of the Future

Lanxess will showcase motorcycle tank made from polyamide 6 as a cost-effective single-material solution, brake pedal in composite design for electric sports cars, continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites for components in high-voltage batteries, and broad range of products for charging plugs at virtual VDI Congress.

Lanxess will have several emphases during its appearance at the VDI Congress Plastics in Automotive Engineering (PIAE), which is being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

-Europe PE margins rise week on week on the back of higher co-product credits

Producers of polyethylene (PE) in Europe saw their margins increase week on week on the back of higher co-products values, ICIS margin analysis showed on Wednesday.

Increasing ethylene prices weighed on standalone operators, forcing margins down.

In the week to 3 July:

– Naphtha values rose by more than 2%

– LPG values fell by more than 3%  Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

-UK’s £3bn stimulus for green policies to benefit plastics, chems – trade groups

The UK’s cabinet plans to spend £3bn in green policies announced on Wednesday could provide respite for chemicals and plastics in the wake of the pandemic-induced recession, according to trade groups.

The minister for the economy, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, earmarked £2bn in grants for homeowners to increase energy efficiency.

The scheme could increase energy efficiency in more than 650,000 homes, while creating around 140,000 jobs in the sector.  Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

-Amcor advances sustainability agenda

Amcor has published results from its latest research into consumer perceptions of sustainability and packaging.

The proprietary insights give Amcor and its customers a unique understanding of evolving preferences, including a willingness to pay more for differentiated products from top brands.

Michael Zacka, Amcor’s chief commercial officer, said consumers are increasingly making buying decisions that factor in environmental considerations and expect brands to provide more responsible packaging options. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

-Messe Frankfurt France to provide digital platform from September 2020

To meet the expectations and needs of all fashion industry professionals, the organiser of international textile fairs Messe Frankfurt France, and Foursource, a specialist in digital textile sourcing solutions, are launching a digital platform in the colours of The Fairyland for Fashion fairs: Apparel Sourcing, Avantex, Leatherworld, Shawls&Scarves, Texworld and Texworld Denim Paris.  Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

The platform will enable exhibitors from Messe Frankfurt France tradeshows, textiles and clothing manufacturers, brands and accessory manufacturers to present their collections and their know-how to international buyers through a complete digital networking solution: virtual showroom, matchmaking and definition of needs. Buyers will also profit from a specific section to define their requests and build their collection based on selection criteria designed for the textile world – country, minimum quantities, type of service and certificates.

Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

-China PFY market review in the first half of 2020

Price: descended rapidly under the pandemic and rebounded by 1,000yuan/mt driven by bottom-fishing, but the durability was limited.

Normal sales of PFY resumed lately affected by the pandemic. PFY companies were on holiday mood before late-Feb as the Spring Festival holiday was extended and many companies did not resume normal production and sales even after holiday impacted by the COVID-19.  Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

Production successively resumed from mid-Feb, and PFY companies intensively cut price in late-Feb, but the consumption recovery of PFY was unsmooth. In addition, stocks of PFY have accumulated on extended Spring Festival holiday, and crude oil and polyester cost rapidly dipped. As a result, price of PFY continued hitting new low. The lowest price emerged in end-Mar and early-Apr. The yearly lowest trading price of POY150D was around 4,400-4,500yuan/mt, and that of FDY150D was near 4,900-5,000yuan/mt.

China PFY market review in the first half of 2020

-Europe PE buyers face large hikes in uncertain market

Polyethylene (PE) buyers face significant increases in the early stages of July discussions, although retroactive business means that final numbers will not be settled for some weeks.

The high level of uncertainty, particularly for August, has led to a wide range of views on how the market is faring.  Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

Packaging demand has been very strong in the past three months but there are doubts as to how long this can be sustained.

The July ethylene contract rose by €84/tonne, and many buyers said they have been offered increases of €60-85/tonne, depending on the grade, the origin of material and the producer concerned.

A couple of producers were separately said to be asking for plus €100/tonne, although buyers are eyeing this target with scepticism.

Some early settlers have confirmed that they have accepted plus €80/tonne for the month, depending on the grade, size of account and seller.

Europe PE buyers face large hikes in uncertain market

-Lindner develops new Film Examiner

Lindner Washtech has launched the Film Examiner, the latest in a series of developments for PE film recycling from.

It is placed directly in front of the extrusion phase as a final process to improve the product quality. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

The device reliably separates small hard contamination particles which are extremely difficult to remove using traditional methods within the washing line due to their specific density and size. These include in particular rigid plastic particles of PP or HDPE, and in addition light aluminium particles and small wood flakes.

Lindner develops new Film Examiner

-Voluntary cuts push Opec June output to record low

Opec production was the lowest on record in June, when three Mideast Gulf countries made additional voluntary cuts and others improved their output restraint.

Overall group output fell by 1.82mn b/d from May to 22.28mn b/d in June, the most depleted level since Argus began keeping records in January 1998.

The decline came as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait pledged combined extra cuts that took their respective ceilings under the Opec+ deal down to 7.49mn b/d, 2.35mn b/d and 2.09mn b/d for the month. Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

This commitment prompted Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to interrupt production at the recently restarted offshore 300,000 b/d Khafji field in the shared Neutral Zone throughout June.

Voluntary cuts push Opec June output to record low

-Packing a sustainable punch: how Europe is forming a new relationship with plastic

Business Planet heads to Austria to see how one large family firm is attempting to turn the problem of plastic pollution from packaging into a sustainable business opportunity.

Today’s modern economy would not function without plastic, but the waste it generates has created a public backlash because of concerns over its environmental impact. Innovative ways of producing, reusing and recycling plastic are therefore needed if we are to change our relationship with this essential material.

Putting the fantastic back into plastic   Petrochemicals CrudeOil Oxodegradable PHA

ALPLA is a major converter and recycler of plastics. A global leader, the Austrian company is committed to developing innovative sustainable packaging systems. One of its core products is a bottle made from so-called PET, (polyethylene terephthalate) already recycled plastic that can be used again and again.

Packing a sustainable punch: how Europe is forming a new relationship with plastic

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