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Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

-Shifts of nylon 6 demand distribution in H1 2020

In 2020, affected by the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand in many fields has shrunk. But the actual CPL production in the first half of the year has increased by 1% year-on-year, and the supply of nylon 6 has not shrunk. How is the production of PA6 distributed in the first half of the year?

Demand in nylon downstream sectors in H1 2020
Of all the various downstream fields of nylon, consumption of nylon films was the only one that grew significantly in the first half of 2020.
This was mainly driven by surging demand for convenient and fast food at the early stage of the pandemic around the world, which drove the demand for nylon film. Particularly in March and April, when the pandemic was spreading fast outside, nylon film exports surged. The output of nylon film grew 35% year-on-year, and the proportion of nylon distribution to film grew 3 percentage from 5% in 2019 to 8% in H1 2020.

Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

-Crude prices fall amid gloomier global recovery outlook

Crude oil futures dipped on Aug. 14 as a wave of reports last week painted a gloomier economic outlook with slower demand recovery as the coronavirus pandemic continued to take its toll, reported S&P Global.  Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

Despite more bullish US news this week in the form of weaker crude production and falling storage volumes, the global picture remained more bearish, with forecasts of lower-than-expected worldwide demand as the OPEC+ alliance increases its output, more US shale producers reverse curtailments and more tankers unload their stored oil.

NYMEX September WTI fell by 23 cents and settled at USD42.01/b, while ICE October Brent dipped by 11 cents to reach USD44.85/b. Crude prices have remained tightly rangebound since late June.

Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

-Polyester market witnesses improving performance and stabilizing mindset in Aug

Market atmosphere on polyester market has improved in Aug compared with Jul, exerting active influence on the whole industry.

Recovery from low price was a major reason for this wave of uptrend.

PFY, which suffered huge losses before, increased the most among polyester products. That meant lower price was relatively safer. Improvement of PSF was limited, and PET bottle chip market remained in doldrums. Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

Operating rate of twisting units and fabric mills gradually ascended since late-Jul. Meanwhile, stocks of grey fabric descended with better orders. However, diversified performances were seen in various regions. Orders for knitted fabric were relatively better, especially warp knitting fabric in Haining. Water-jet fabric mills in Shengze witnessed weak appearance, and some plants were still bothered by high stocks. Overall run rate of downstream market was rising now.

Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

-US, China to hold trade talks ‘in coming days’: Beijing

China and the US have agreed to hold trade talks in the coming days, China’s commerce ministry said today.

The brief comments were made in response to a question at the ministry’s regular press conference and did not include any further details. Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

The status of trade talks between the two countries has been plunged into confusion in recent days, after US President Donald Trump said he had postponed talks to review the phase-one trade deal because of his anger over China’s handling of the Covid-19 outbreak. A senior US administration official later said no talks had been scheduled.

Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

-Shell uses plastic waste to produce resin feedstocks

Shell’s ambition is to use one million tonnes of plastic waste a year in its global chemical plants by 2025.

Shell says that it has successfully made “high-end” chemicals using a liquid feedstock made from plastic waste using a pyrolysis process that is considered a breakthrough for hard-to-recycle plastics. The initiative advances Shell’s ambition to use one million tonnes of plastic waste a year in its global chemical plants by 2025.

Atlanta-based Nexus Fuels LLC recently supplied its first cargo of pyrolysis liquid to Shell’s chemical plant in Norco, LA, where it was made into chemicals that are the raw materials for everyday items. Shell Chemicals manufactures ethylene, propylene, and butadiene at the site. Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

Petrochemicals Nylon66 AdipicAcid

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