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Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

China – Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET and its chain are about steady, with exception of MEG.

Crude oil  contiues to be on roller coasters.

Polyamide 6 and its chain continue to journey north .

Acrylonitrile is always weak.

PET Bottle grade export 955/995 $/ton PET Bottle grade domestic market 7,750/7,850 yuan/ton PET Filament grade SD domestic market 7,650/7,800 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade BR domestic market 7,750/7,850 yuan/ton

PTA Taiwan 740/750 $/ton PTA domestic market 6,400/6,500 yuan/tonMEG  550/560 $/ton – MEG domestic market 4,300/4,400 yuan/tonPX Korea 840/855 $/ton

Polyester POY 150D/48F  domestic market 8,800/8,900  yuan/tonPolyester DTY 150D/48F  domestic market 10,050/10,150  yuan/tonPolyester Staple PSF domestic market8,400/8,500 yuan/ton

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

Crude Oil Prices Trend Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic 

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-The July contract price of styrene fell in Europe at EUR48 per ton Contract styrene monomer Europe 

The contract price of styrene monomer in Europe was finally agreed at EUR994 per ton for July deliveries, which is EUR48 per ton lower compared to the level of the previous month, ICIS reported. Contract styrene monomer Europe

The contract price was negotiated on delivery terms free on board (FOB) Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA).

Five parties confirmed their deals at the level of EUR965, EUR992, EUR999, EUR1 020 per ton, respectively.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-Evian pilots 100% recycled plastic bottle at Wimbledon

Water brand evian is piloting a circular model at this year’s Wimbledon, through the introduction of water bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.

evian and the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) will be implementing a range of initiatives at this year’s Wimbledon to with an aim of helping tennis fans recycle all types of waste at this major event.

This will include a greater number of recycling bins, as well as eco champions who will help visitors to recycle effectively.Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic 

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-Price offers of PP in Vietnam for July deliveries multidirectional

Polypropylene (PP) price offers in Vietnam for July deliveries were mixed last week.

Some traders increased their bids for shipments in July, confident that prices had already reached the bottom. Duty-based PP prices for yarn and fiber from Saudi Arabia were at USD1060 per ton, CFR Vietnam.

Other suppliers have decided to keep prices unchanged in the hope of increasing volumes.

Still others were willing to make concessions to customers who were willing to buy large volumes.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-EU chems welcomes FTA with Mercosur despite concerns over duty-free ethanol

EU chemicals trade group Cefic has welcomed the free trade agreement (FTA) between the EU and Latin America’s Mercosur, which is expected to fully remove duties for 90% of the EU’s chemicals exports to the five-country bloc.

Sugar cane used for production of biofuel ethanolThe bid to ease trading between the two markets will have the most prevalent effect on the ethanol market, which will have the most drastic liberalisation on import tariffs.

Mercosur is a trading bloc comprising Latin America’s largest economy Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Venezuela is a full member but has been suspended since 2016.

“This is very welcome for the development of bio-based chemistry in Europe.”

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-Follow the circle to sustainability

A linear resource model of ‘use and discard’ won’t work. It’s time to move towards a circular economy, says V Rishi Kumar

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything — Albert Einstein

We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it — Jay Inslee.

Imagine this: By 2050, the world’s population will touch 9.7 billion and the per capita resource need will be up by 71 per cent.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

A sneak preview of Avery Dennison’s innovations at Labelexpo Europe 2019

To celebrate the 40th year of Labels and Labelling, Avery Dennison is creating their biggest ever trade show presence at the Labelexpo event. Under the theme “Making a Material Difference”, the Avery Dennison team of experts will demonstrate a range of newly launched and significant innovations across four key areas of focus, including sustainable materials and intelligent labels, to name two.

New product innovations include:

  • rPE – the industry’s first-ever facestock made from recycled polyethylene, launched in Europe in May.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-EU requires carmakers to add fake engine noise to electric cars

Pedestrians can struggle to hear them coming

Electric vehicles have been hailed as part of the answer to the climate crisis, but for some people they represent a new danger.

Pedestrians can struggle to hear quiet electric and hybrid vehicles coming, which presents a particular risk for blind and visually impaired people.

But as of Monday, all new models of electric and hybrid vehicles developed and sold in the European Union must come equipped with an acoustic sound system.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-Baralan: A recyclable and biodegradable biopolymer line requiring no specific injection moulds

The “Eco Baralan” line presented by Baralan at the trade show Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack, which took place in Paris on June 4th and 5th, could stand as a major breakthrough for the development of more sustainable cosmetic packaging.

The new range, which was presented for the first time on the stand of the Italian company, is made with a biopolymer derived from renewable natural fibres (but from cultures dedicated to the food chain and not originating from Asia, specified the company). According to Baralan, the production process of this new “X-Code” biopolymer is similar to PP and SAN.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-Bioplastics Could Solve a Major Pollution Problem

Advanced solvents and enzymes are transforming woody wastes into better biodegradable plastics

Our civilization is built on plastics. In 2014 alone, industry generated 311 metric tons, an amount expected to triple by 2050, according to the World Economic Forum. Yet less than 15 percent of it gets recycled. Much of the rest is incinerated, sits in landfills or is abandoned in the environment—where, being resistant to microbial digestion, it can persist for hundreds of years. Plastic debris accumulating in the ocean causes all kinds of problems, from killing wildlife when mistakenly ingested to releasing toxic compounds. It can even enter our bodies via contaminated fish.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-Resetting the Ambition for Biotechnology in the EU

As the new European Parliament meets for its inaugural session in Strasbourg, Belgium, EuropaBio has published its Biotechnology Industry Manifesto 2019. The manifesto calls upon EU decision makers to reset the ambition for a healthier, more resource efficient, technology driven Europe.

Biotechnology is already a transformative EU asset, says EuropaBio, significantly addressing unmet medical needs, enabling smarter, more efficient use of natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quantity and quality of food and feed. But huge potential remains untapped for delivering new and innovative solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-Sumitomo (SHI) Demag presents K-2019 showcase

Having reported a double-digit (13%) turnover increase after modernising its production and sales approach last year, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag will unveil five energy efficient machines.

n addition, the company will launch a new eMultiPlug innovation, showcase its technical prowess in Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) moulding, plus provide an interactive area where customers can test out the latest smart diagnostic and support services using myConnect.

With all this on display, K-2019 promises to be the unmissable plastics exhibition to round off the decade.Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic 

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

-Asia June industries weaken; China poses strong downside risks

Asia’s manufacturing activity weakened in June as the US-China trade war continued to dampen business sentiment, with heightened downside risks from China’s economic slowdown, according to analysts.

Based on latest private surveys of manufacturers in China, Japan, South Korea, business conditions in June worsened as they all showed lower manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) readings from the previous month.

Polymers Petrochemicals LLDPE Bioplastic

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