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Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

Petrochemical Polymers PET Polyolefins Prices

Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-US scraps plan to raise tariffs on Chinese goods next week

The US will abstain from raising tariffs on $250bn worth of Chinese goods next week, part of a preliminary agreement that the two sides reached on Friday.

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The tariffs would have risen to 30% from 25% on 15 October, and they covered several petrochemical imports from China.

In return, China agreed to buy $40bn-50bn worth of agricultural products from the US.

The agreement did not remove any existing tariffs that the two countries had imposed on each other. Nor did it cancel their plans to impose even more tariffs in December.

Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

-PLA composite may be an eco-friendlier alternative to carbon fiber

While bio-based polylactic acid (PLA) thermoplastic is relatively eco-friendly and easily recyclable, composites such as carbon fiber are much stronger.

German scientists are now claiming to have combined the best features of both, with a new all-PLA composite.

Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastics, PLA is made from renewable sources such as corn starch, tapioca and sugarcane.

Not only is it fully recyclable (where facilities exist), but it also biodegrades within a few years under the right conditions, and is industrially compostable.

PLA composite may be an eco-friendlier alternative to carbon fiber

-Carbon Fiber 2019 | Knoxville, Tennessee

Innovators and Decision Makers in the Carbon Fiber Supply Chain

Carbon Fiber 2019 attendees who visit booth #9 will hear how Dürr oxidizer technology optimizes exhaust gas treatment for carbon fiber processes and recycling.

They will also look into a range of process energy solutions that can help improve the operating efficiency of facilities and maximize equipment performance.

Carbon Fiber 2019 | Knoxville, Tennessee

-Recycling, bioplastics also harm planet, campaigners warn

Environmental campaigners are warning that bioplastics and recyclable packaging will not solve the world’s plastics pollution crisis – following a pledge by consumer goods giant Unilever to halve its use of virgin plastics.

The maker of brands such as Dove soap, Lipton Tea, Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream this week unveiled “ambitious” plans to knock 100,000 metric tonnes off its new plastics load by 2025 – and to refocus its efforts on reusable packaging and alternative materials.

Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

-Top investment banks provide billions to expand fossil fuel industry

Exclusive: analysis reveals lenders provided $700bn to expand sector since Paris climate pact.

The world’s largest investment banks have provided more than $700bn of financing for the fossil fuel companies most aggressively expanding in new coal, oil and gas projects since the Paris climate change agreement, figures show.Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

The financing has been led by the Wall Street giant JPMorgan Chase, which has provided $75bn (£61bn) to companies expanding in sectors such as fracking and Arctic oil and gas exploration, according to the analysis.

Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

-Rice team designs graphene-based air filter that grabs and zaps pathogens

Rice University team under chemist James Tour has transformed their laser-induced graphene (LIG) into self-sterilizing filters that grab pathogens out of the air and kill them with small pulses of electricity.

This may be of special interest to hospitals, where according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patients have a 1-in-31 chance of acquiring a potentially antibiotic-resistant infection during hospitalization.

Rice team designs graphene-based air filter that grabs and zaps pathogens

-New porous coordination polymer captures CO2, converts it to useful organic materials

A new material that can selectively capture CO2 molecules and efficiently convert them into useful organic materials has been developed by researchers at Kyoto University, along with colleagues at the University of Tokyo and Jiangsu Normal University in China.

They describe the material in an open access paper in the journal Nature Communications.

One possible way to counteract rising global CO2 emissions is to capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, but current methods are highly energy intensive.

The low reactivity of CO2 makes it difficult to capture and convert it efficiently.

Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester


The pervasiveness of strategies centered on customer experiences shows no signs of abating in the consumer goods industry, as so is the case with advances in technology. This has further influenced the expectations of customers and strategies of companies, in turn impacting the consumer goods industry landscape. The companies in the consumer goods industry are focusing more on understanding evolving consumer preferences and establishing one-on-one connections to remain at the forefront of apt offerings and gain a competitive edge. Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

Growing pervasiveness of the digital connectivity alongside technology advances has meant that the traditional supply chain models are witnessing disruption. interconnected systems.


-New Marinatex wins award for solving many plastic problems

Lucy Hughes from the University of Sussex has won the James Dyson Award for designing MarinaTex – a bioplastic made of organic fish waste ordinarily destined for landfill or incineration, and locally sourced red algae. Unlike many other bioplastics it will degrade harmlessly in a garden compost bin after just four to six weeks.

Twenty-three year old Hughes set out to solve two problems – that of single-use plastics and inefficient waste streams. Petrochemical PET Resin Polyester

Her MarinaTex bioplastic is a translucent and flexible sheet material, making it ideal for applications in single-use packaging. While it may look and feel like plastic, its similarities end there.

New Marinatex wins award for solving many plastic problems

-Amcor recognised for packaging innovations that improve sustainability outcomes and consumer experiences

ZURICH: Global packaging company, Amcor, has been recognised four times over at the 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards by Dow for improving sustainability outcomes and enhancing consumer convenience across a diverse range of packaging products.

Winning across our flexible and rigid packaging, for beverage, protein and pet food products, is testament to the expertise of Amcor’s global team, said Mr. Michael Zacka, Amcor’s Chief Commercial Officer. We are proud to deploy that expertise to benefit our customers, consumers, and the environment.

Amcor recognised for packaging innovations that improve sustainability outcomes and consumer experiences

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