Recycled-plastic – $100-Oil-Sustainable 14-04-2022

Recycled-plastic – $100-Oil-Sustainable

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend Polyestertime

-Is $100 Oil Sustainable?

  • There are a number of factors that have pushed oil prices into the stratosphere, but the rally may be becoming unsustainable.
  • Russia’s war in Ukraine has created a particularly tight oil market, and it could get even tighter.
  • Economic uncertainty and massive lockdowns in China, however, may begin to erode demand if oil prices remain elevated.

One popular saying in the oil industry says that the only cure for high oil prices is high oil prices. With a war in Europe, tight global supply that’s about to get even tighter, lockdowns in China, and economic uncertainty rife, oil prices may have finally become too high to be sustainable. While prices rebounded somewhat on Tuesday, Brent crude earlier this week slipped below $100 for the first time in weeks as worry about Chinese demand weighed on international benchmarks. And it could get worse if the spread of the coronavirus continues, CNBC reported, citing Andy Lipow from Lipow and Associates. Recycled-plastic – $100-Oil-Sustainable

“The spread of Covid in China is the most bearish item affecting the market,” Lipow told the network. “If [Covid] spreads throughout China resulting in a significant number of lockdowns, the impact on oil markets could be substantial.”

Yet Covid is not the only bearish factor for oil prices. Reuters’ John Kemp noted in his latest column that an economic slowdown in Europe and North America has also contributed to the latest trends in oil prices. Also, Kemp noted, there was heightened uncertainty and volatility in markets, which made large oil buyers such as hedge funds adopt a more cautious approach to buying.

The coordinated release of as much as 240 million barrels over several months by the United States and members of the International Energy Agency has also served to lower prices but the effects of this move, based on historical evidence, are likely to be short-lived, especially since their daily total will be lower than what the IEA expects to be lost in Russian supply this quarter.

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Despite the decline in prices, concern about a possible global recession remains, not least because even if crude oil prices wane, fuel prices have not. As the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month, the combination of high oil prices, labor shortages, and strong demand for goods have combined to cause a lot of pain for the freight transport industry. This pain will likely be passed on to customers, eroding their purchasing power. Recycled-plastic – $100-Oil-Sustainable

Yet, according to experts, it is too early to talk about the danger of a recession, and oil prices will need to stay at higher levels for a prolonged period of time to make this danger immediate, according to a Yahoo Finance report.

According to Andy Lipow, again, Brent crude would need to remain at around $120 per barrel for the recession risk to become serious enough to worry about it in the U.S. According to Stewart Glickman from CFRA Research, the benchmark needs to stay above $125 per barrel in order to trigger a recession in the United States.

Is $100 Oil Sustainable?

-Asahi launches 100 per cent recycled plastic soft drink bottles

Asahi has announced that all its 450ml and 600ml soft drink bottles will now be made using 100 per cent recycled PET.  Recycled-plastic – $100-Oil-Sustainable

The move will see roughly 111 million bottles transition to the eco-friendly material including brands such as Pepsi Max, Solo, Schweppes, and Sunkist. The remaining soft drink bottles – 1.1L, 1.25L, and 2L – will begin transitioning next year.

Robert Iervasi, CEO of Asahi Beverages Group, said using only eco-friendly materials is a big part of the company’s ambitious sustainability agenda.

“Some of our brands have been around for more than 150 years. If they’re to be around in another 150 years and beyond they need to be sustainably produced.”

The move brings the total number of 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles produced by Asahi Beverages to over 640 million per year, given its water brands Cool Ridge Still Water and Frantelle’s have been sold in 100 per cent recycled PET for several years.

Kyle Faulconer, CEO of PepsiCo ANZ, said they are proud to collaborate with Asahi in moving to recycled plastics across some of their most iconic brands.

“Asahi plays an important role in helping us drive toward a circular economy and reduce plastic waste. This move forms part of our global commitment to PepsiCo Positive which guides our business on how we inspire positive change for the planet and people.” Recycled-plastic – $100-Oil-Sustainable

Recycled-plastic - $100-Oil-Sustainable

-Is $100-Oil-Sustainable?

Asahi launches 100-per-cent-recycled-plastic soft-drink-bottles

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Recycled-plastic – $100-Oil-Sustainable

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