Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers News 02-12-2019

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers


Petrochemical Polymers Bottle Plastic Prices

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

-Crude Oil Prices Trend  

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Two-tier HDPE spot market develops in Europe as US imports dominate

A two- and even three-tier market is becoming established in the high density polyethylene (HDPE) market in Europe as US material from new capacities is offered on a widespread basis.

– Buyers stick to regular suppliers

– End-year rebates play a role  Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers 

Offers from new North American traders began in November, spreading panic as they seemed to offer to every sort of buyer, adopting a scatter gun approach.

This has subsided to an extent, but a very broad range of prices has been quoted.

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

-What are the requirements for automotive textiles?

On November 19, a group of interested textile experts met at imat-uve’s materials testing laboratory.Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers 

At a professional seminar held by the Textilakademie NRW- Weiterbildung GmbH in Mönchengladbach, Germany, under the expert guidance of Eveline Weber, who until recently worked for Opel as Lead Engineer for many years, the participants received an introduction to special properties and requirements of fabrics for automotive purposes.

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

-History of Bioplastics in the Automotive Industry

Here’s a summary and short history of the use of bioplastics in the automotive and car industry.

Plastics in the Automotive Industry

We distinguish 3 areas in cars: exterior car parts,  interior exterior car parts and interior textile.Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers 

Plastics represent +/- 20 % of the car weight (100 to 150 kg/car) and the top 3 fossil-plastics used in cars are Polypropylene PP (32%), Polyurethane PU (17%) and PVC (16%).

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

-UK election: Major party manifestos spotlight plastic waste crisis signaling gravity of public concern

The UK’s December General Election will inevitably center on Brexit, but another policy issue growing in significance is the global plastic waste crisis and the UK’s role in it.

This is evidenced by the fact that the UK’s three major parties – Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats – have all bolstered their manifestos with strategies to improve plastic waste management. Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers 

For example, all three parties have pledged to end the export of plastic waste while the introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) and investment in recycling infrastructure are also being promised.

UK election: Major party manifestos spotlight plastic waste crisis signaling gravity of public concern

-Does Opec see US oil output as half full or half empty?

America’s second shale boom is certainly drawing to a close.

Ahead of their meeting in Vienna later this week, OPEC’s oil ministers have done a good job of convincing themselves that they can simply decide to hold steady, and do no more than they’re already doing. That’s not surprising given they tend to err on the side of doing as little as possible because that’s often the easiest consensus to form among the group’s members.

What’s interesting is how they will come to that conclusion, given the wealth of data out there and the myriad ways of slicing and dicing it.

Does Opec see US oil output as half full or half empty?

-2019 Ends with Lower Prices for Commodity Resins

The fourth quarter of this year has been widely viewed as a buyers’ market for the five volume commodity resin markets, whose prices are nearly all on the downslide.

Key drivers include a global slowdown and lower prices abroad, a drop in prices of key feedstocks, and more than ample supply in many cases.Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

Meanwhile, demand for bales of recycled material is going through the roof—particularly for HDPE and PP, with consumer brands demanding more recycle-content products—a trend that will only grow faster.

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers


This column is based on “Ethylene Oxide Production from Ethylene – Cost Analysis,” a report published by Intratec.

Ethylene oxide (also known as EO, oxirane and epoxyethane) is the simplest cyclic ether. Because it is highly reactive, ethylene oxide is one of the most versatile chemical intermediates.  Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

It is converted into a wide range of products (for example, monoethylene glycol (MEG), surfactants and glycol ethers).


-Packaging Converter Launches Film-Extrusion Business

Polymer Film & Bag Inc. will start with three-layer capacity of more than 20 million lb/yr, with additional expansion plans already firmed up.Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

A firm with long-established roots in the converting industry—among other businesses—is branching out into blown film extrusion. Conversations with customers that started a year ago convinced Polymer Packaging Inc. (PPI) that consolidation in the film-extrusion business had created a need for fast, nimble, customer-centric suppliers of high-end films, and the firm has responded by launching a new entity, Polymer Film & Bag Inc. Both firms are based in Massillon, Ohio.

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

-VEnvirotech transforms organic spoil into bioplastics

After a year of testing out environmental technologies for a private company, co-founder Patricia Ayma developed a process for bioplastic production using bacteria.

The system turns organic matter, such as food waste, into a product that can be used as a biodegradable alternative to single-use plastics. “I realized that it was a simple technology for…  Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

After a three hundred and sixty five days of checking out out environmental technologies for a deepest firm, co-founder Patricia Ayma developed a activity for bioplastic production the use of bacteria.

VEnvirotech transforms organic spoil into bioplastics

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin fibers

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