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Petrochemical Crude Oil Graphene

Petrochemical Polymers PET Benzene Prices

Petrochemical Crude Oil Graphene

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Ulsan PP began construction of a new PP plant in Ulsan

Ulsan PP Co. Ltd., a joint venture of PolyMirae Company Ltd, a partnership (50:50) of LyondellBasell (LBI) and Daelim, and SK Advanced, began construction of a new polypropylene (PP) plant in Ulsan (Ulsan, South Korea) on October 22 ), according to a LBI press release.

The fifth-generation LyondellBasell technology, Spheripol, will be used at the new plant with a capacity of 400 thousand tons of PP per year. Once completed, it will become one of the largest PP factories of its kind in Asia.

Petrochemical Crude Oil Graphene

-Ferrero Commits to 100% Reusable, Recyclable or Compostable Packaging by 2025

The Ferrero Group releases its 10th Corporate Social Responsibility Report and announces a new commitment to make all packaging 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Through the 10th CSR Report, Ferrero once again demonstrates its commitment to positively contributing to the planet and the people it works with through its social responsibility strategy: “Sharing values to create value”.

Petrochemical Crude Oil Graphene

-Texas A&M seals partnership on biodegradable plastics research

Researchers at a lab in the Texas A&M College of Sciences are teaming up with Teysha Technologies in the United Kingdom to expand research and production of biodegradable polymers.

“[Teysha] is sending money back to the lab where we’ve been working on this for a decade,” said Ashlee Jahnke, the assistant research scientist for the project.

Jahnke explains on First News at Four that, unlike plastics common today, this Texas A&M-developed plastic can degrade simply with moisture.

Petrochemical Crude Oil Graphene

-New Huntsman auxiliary speeds polyester dyeing.

Chemicals manufacturer Huntsman Textile Effects has developed what it says is a new eco-friendly dyeing auxiliary that cuts the time and cost of dyeing polyester.

The new Eriopon E3-Save reduces time, water and energy by enabling pre-scouring, dyeing and reduction clearing in a single-bath.

New Huntsman auxiliary speeds polyester dyeing

-SSM’s precision package winding solutions at ShanghaiTex

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler (SSM), Switzerland’s leading supplier of precision winding machines in the fields of dyeing, weaving, and sewing thread preparation, will present its latest solutions at the upcoming ShanghaiTex, which takes place from 25-28 November.

“SSM enables yarn dyers to be successful – with the precision package winder PWX,” the company reports. “Only a quick response to market trends in combination with high cost-efficiency enables customers to be competitive. The winder offers clear benefits to dye package winding and rewinding of filament and staple fibre yarns, with or without lubrication.”

For the Xeno-platform, the company will present a self-regulating backpressure system preciforce –  for a guaranteed package consistency. In addition, the next generation of the blade winding powerblade will be introduced for the Xeno-platform.

SSM’s precision package winding solutions at ShanghaiTex

-Formosa Taffeta to buy 50% stake in Schoeller Textile

ormosa Taffeta Co (FTC), a textile affiliate of Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), plans to invest up to $40.55 million in Switzerland’s Schoeller Textil AG next year to deepen its cooperation with the latter and raise its market share of high-end products. FTC’s board of directors has approved acquiring a 50 per cent stake in Schoeller Textil in March next.

The company disclosed this in a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange last week.

The Swiss investment would strengthen FTC’s product portfolio by adding production lines for high-end products, which would also help raise its market share in Europe and the US, the company said.

Formosa Taffeta to buy 50% stake in Schoeller Textile

-Packaging industry’s maintainability drive good news for BOPP film

The fundamental driver of development in the worldwide BOPP film market has been the interest for flexible packaging, especially in China and South East Asia, as per Wood Mackenzie’s most recent ‘BOPP Film Global Supply Demand Report’.

The BOPP film industry and market is at present very much provided, ruled by China and the developing impact of Indian-claimed makers who keep on extending their tasks. Worldwide interest for BOPP film is relied upon to develop at a sound pace of 4.7% p.a. throughout the following five years to 2023. Conjecture development in Asia is relied upon to be fundamentally higher, especially in China and India where Wood Mackenzie hopes to see development of 6.3% p.a. also, 9.4% p.a., individually.

Packaging industry’s maintainability drive good news for BOPP film

-Unilever/Sabic Partnership Created to Keep Plastic in the Loop

Partnership results in packaging that uses recycled content from advanced recycling technologies for leading brands that include Magnum, Knorr, and REN Clean Skincare.

Unilever_logo web.pngUnilever has announced the next phase of its partnership with diversified chemicals manufacturer SABIC, which sees Unilever brands using next-generation packaging solutions based on SABIC’s advanced recycling technology.

SABIC’s certified circular polymers are created from the recycling of low-quality, mixed plastic waste otherwise destined for incineration or landfill. Using SABIC’s technology, in August 2019 Magnum became the first ice-cream brand to use food-grade recycled plastic, launching 600,000 tubs across Belgium, Spain, and The Netherlands, with over 3 million more due to be launched globally in 2020.

Unilever/Sabic Partnership Created to Keep Plastic in the Loop

-Turn plastic trash into treasure by this new method

The researchers have discovered a new method for upcycling low-value plastics into high-quality liquid products to improve current recycling methods.

The catalytic method serves a one-two punch by removing plastic pollution from the environment and contributing to a circular economy.

The Northwestern University, Argonne National Laboratory and Ames Laboratory led the multi-institutional team that developed the method.

“Our team is delighted to have discovered this new technology that will help us get ahead of the mounting issue of plastic waste accumulation,” said Northwestern’s Kenneth R. Poeppelmeier, who contributed to the research.

“Our findings have broad implications for developing a future in which we can continue to benefit from plastic materials, but do so in a way that is sustainable and less harmful to the environment and potentially human health,” added Kenneth.

Turn plastic trash into treasure by this new method

-Reduce plastic packaging without getting drastic

Maine environmentalist Sarah Nichols offers simple ways to reduce plastic containers and wrap when grocery shopping.

On a recent fall day, environmentalist Sarah Nichols of the Natural Resources Council of Maine went to the grocery store, ready to demonstrate how to buy food with less plastic and less packaging.

We’ve all seen how plastic gets into waterways and kills animals. Plastic in landfills remains intact for hundreds of years. And while plastic burned at waste-to-energy plants is considered better than landfilling, anything burned creates troublesome emissions.

Reduce plastic packaging without getting drastic

-Turkey will lose big with no-deal Brexit – columnist

The threat of Britain’s hard exit from the European Union looms large over Turkey, which stands to lose access to its second-largest export market, independent news site Gazete Duvar said on Sunday.

Turkey’s autos, textiles and appliances face the biggest risk if Britain ultimately leaves the bloc without trade arrangements, effectively wiping out some $2.4 billion (£2.2 billion) of the country’s $3.7 billion (£2.8 billion) trade surplus with Britain, if there is a so-called hard, or no-deal Brexit, energy policy expert Mühdan Sağlam said in an article.

Petrochemical Crude Oil Graphene

Petrochemical Crude Oil Graphene

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